L8 is in development

June 28, 2012

Script development has begun on L8, a new feature written by Jonathan Larkin with Sue Dunderdale to direct and Diane Shorthouse to produce.

L8 is set in Liverpool about four scousers fighting against everything thrown at them by life, luck and the bloody economy.

Danny, 18 and king of the astro turf. Liverpool FC knocking at his door. Then BANG. Head to head with a Toyota, his bones break and so does his dream.

Kathleen, Danny’s Mum and skivvy! Danny’s temper got the better of him and Kathleen’s getting the blame. But she can’t be there for him this time. She has a chance of happiness with a new man and is going to grab it with both hands.

Kathleen’s best mate, Ann, is hanging on for dear life. She’s been diagnosed with cancer and the treatments not working. But she’s not giving up – she’s living it up.

Anthony, Danny’s best mate just wants out of the city. But his biggest step is out of the closet. Everyone may be coming out on telly – but this is real life. While he’s been getting it on with one of the lads, Danny’s started drug-running. Anthony’s the only one who can stop him before it’s too late.

Life as it’s lived in Liverpool 8.

To find out how you can get involved in the development process, including if you are an actor joining us at script read through workshops, or if you are creative crew how your input can turn development into production, then join us at theĀ L8 Facebook Page